February, Spring, Year of the Pig

It’s February - which means the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. We also enter the Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig and the Qi Node for the beginning of Spring. Phew… that’s a lot of new for one month!

When we keep up with the early season changes and Lunar Year we are better prepared for the energetic patterns of ourselves and the world around us. Everything is constantly changing. When we allow ourselves to do the same life becomes much more full of ease.


First off, let’s talk about the Qi Node for the beginning of Spring. February 4th marks the beginning of Spring according to the 24 qi nodes of Chinese medicine. Rather than being in full bloom, the start of the season marks a time we can start looking for buds and growth that has happened under the coat of Winter stillness. The beginning of Spring marks a time where we can tentatively shift our habits from the dreaming and inward momentum of Winter to begin to take action. We can make plans for the next few months, figuring out how we would like to move forward in this momentous season of change.

The nature of the Spring season is one of transition. Each day can be markedly varied weather, mood and productivity. While we may want to see a straight incline during this season of progress, it is more of an up and down see-saw. Stay open to things changing quickly. Allow yourself to try new things and experiment.


year of the pig

Happy New Year! February 5th, 2019 marked the lunar new year here in the U.S. and we have moved from the Year of the Dog to the Year of the Pig. In the Chinese calendar there are 12 animals and every year we move through the characteristics of the various animals. Atop the animal circulation there are elements that pair with each animal. We are currently in an Earth element cycle, so this is the year of the Earth Pig.

The brief summary of the Earth Pig is to expect an end to a 12 year cycle. The Pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac and things that began 12 years ago should be wrapping up. We will be shifting into a friendlier and more easy-going year. However, there is also a chance that we can get stuck in the mud. Take advice from pigs and try to enjoy the simple things. Pigs as animals are often fed slop and live in the mud. They are able to enjoy the simple indulgences in life and thrive in this setting.

There is much more depth to each animal’s year and if you are curious about how the energies of this year will affect you, I recommend getting a personalized astrology reading.

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