November Prepares us

Welcome to November.


Up here in the Northern Hemisphere this month is thought of as the peak of the Fall season. We feel a bit more chill in the air, leaves have fallen to the ground and it’s darker and darker everyday.

Get ready to change your perspective on seasons. In the Chinese medical calendar the beginning of November marks the very beginning of winter. This is because we are at the mid-point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Each equinox or solstice marks the peak of their respective season.

You may be saying “no no no.” or “but where I live it’s 75 degrees in November.” Well, believe it or not, weather does not define season. The light does define where we are in a season. I get it, this is often a completely new way of looking at things. When you start paying attention to the year this way you can be healthier, have more energy and feel more emotionally balanced.

Problems with our current seasonal point of view

  1. When we look at the equinoxes and solstices as the beginnings of the season we miss the clues and nuance that can help our self-care throughout the entirety of the season.

  2. When we see December 21st as the beginning of Winter, we have missed half the season.

  3. Likely we have already gotten sick.

  4. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, it has already probably affected you.

  5. We might be exhausted because we forgot to slow down.

  6. Basically we don’t feel good.


Benefits of switching up your seasonal understanding -

  1. You’re pretty much always ahead of the curve. When early November arrives you can start making the shifts to keep you healthy, happy and feeling abundant.

  2. The change of season feels more exciting! Rather than feeling like you got hit over the back of the head by the shocking surprise that Winter has come yet again, the cues of an early season can feel exciting. There are new veggies in the stores and farmer’s markets. The light is shifting. We can switch up our schedule slightly without needing to make drastic change

  3. You will feel better. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Believe me.

  4. You know it’s time to take certain supplements and herbs based on your body’s unique needs. This will help with everything.


Now that we’re on the same page - what are the things to do at the beginning of Winter?

When we enter November with the understanding that we are beginning Winter we can start making shifts to support our bodies through the season.

SLOW DOWN. I know the holidays are coming and there’s a lot to be done. But your body begs of you, do less.

COOK SLOW - time to break out the crock pot, simmer things on the stove all day. Enjoy your new slow pace of life and bring it in to your kitchen.

GIVE GRATITUDE - when we keep activating our hearts we promote movement throughout the body. Our emotional selves support our physical selves. Use the reminder of Thanksgiving to use this month to stay open. There many studies and practices that support this.

If you want to know more about Winter stay tuned for the Winter ebook. For now, here is a November guided meditation to support you through this month.