Transformation in Spring

I imagine good teaching as a circle of earnest people sitting down to ask each other meaningful questions. I don’t see it as a handing down of answers...
— Alice Walker

Spring is a season of incredible transformation. Spring's transformation leads us into newness, inspiration and growth.

Launching into the newness of Spring, I chose to spend some time away. This time was to reflect, reset, support some dear friends and get some support. These friends are all business owners, women who have learned, grown, stretched, crashed and all along the way we have had each other. Over the past four years we have all up-leveled in our own lives and business. It is nothing short of an honor to learn from and lean on this incredible group of women. 

There is nothing that can replace the good company of other women spending time to support and uplift one another. We all entered with the normal patterns of our lives, and we left - shifted and lifted. Ready to re-enter our lives with new perspective, love and support. In short, we left the time away with some special transformation.


What does transformation look like?

With me, it looks gentle, soft, opening, vulnerable.

Transformation is all about becoming more of one-self.

Transformation moves through us and helps us to emerge into shift and change. 

Transformation is abstract and tangible. 


What did you leave this time with?

Nourishment - Food cooked by three incredible chefs.

Movement - My favorite yoga classes of all time.

Opening - A cacao ceremony which opened me to who I am right now.


Find your people, share your life with them. Support on one another, lean on one another, grow with one another.

If you want to find people through me - join Emerge, a Spring Women's circle. It's all virtual - find out all the details here.


Want to meet my friends?

We all come together through The Bay Area - Holistic Women's Network


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