Bringing Vacation Home

mountains tetons nature

Vacation is amazing. Nature is restorative. Both of them are vital to surviving life in an urban environment. 

Each time I leave town, especially if it is out into nature, I can feel my whole body relaxing. That's the point right? It's to take a break and do less. The point is not only to do less, but also to think less.

This break was amazing, not everything went to plan, but problem-solving there helped really put me there. All the thoughts of business, writing, wedding planning melted far, far away.

Now that I am back in the middle of a city, sirens run loud, my block smells like urine, people all around me are stressed and tapped out, I feel lost. I feel warm and cozy and happy in my body surrounded by lots of discontent. 

In cities, we run ourselves ragged. From work, to social lives, to exercise, even self-care can become another bullet on a never-ending to-do list.

What if we, stopped adding to our to-do lists?

What if we had less stuff to take care of?

What if we bring our vacation home?

Can you do that? Can you do less? Explore more? Get curious about all the amazing things that surround you in this life?

I invite you to try this out. Explore something new where you live. Take some things off of the to-do list, put your phone down, and take some time to just BE in your daily routine.