Saying Goodbye to the Inner Perfectionist

Can we all get a little more holistic?

Can we use our mindfulness tools and yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, supplements to help us evolve into a greater state of health?

While we allow ourselves to be supported by all the things we are doing for ourselves, can we simultaneously say 'farewell' to our inner perfectionist?

How do we do that?

Let's talk more about how to truly let go of our inner perfectionist in order to support our full, holistic self. Let's not pretend that we get to do this in one fowl swoop. There is no way that our inner perfectionist leaves forever. In fact they will be coming back to visit us from time to time. These visits can be supportive, creative boosts in our work or they can be harmful. It is vital that we look our inner perfectionist in the eye and tell them that they don't get to run the show. In fact we are going to tell them "Human is better than perfect."

The stickiest aspect I see stick with people is their inner perfectionists seeking holistic options as a way to continue to control. This control is to control a situation, ourselves, our bodies, our lives. While holistic options are lovely and supportive, they cannot help us escape the human experience. 

The human experience is complex. Yet we have tendencies to expect ourselves to thrive at all moments, continuing on in a graceful and elegant manner through the hardest shit that will happen. In order to self-protect, we hold ourselves above the depths of our pain, sorrow, grief, shame. In the name of seasonal healing, we are attempting to escape our own personal winters. We are fingers crossed-eyes closed-no no no-to the magnificence of the human experience: we have enormous emotional depth.

Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition, supplements can provide us nourishment to help us through the hardest human depths. Our holistic knowledge and practices can support us. Instead of using holistic tools as obligations on a calendar, can these holistic tools be beacons of self-care and relief? Can we use these holistic visions to purposefully go through our personal winters so that we can bloom into incredible beings come the Spring. The Spring holds both glimmers of Summer and reminders of Winter, can we ride the wild ups and downs with grace amidst the challenges?

This is a process...

  • ...where we choose surrender over big moments and little moments.
  • ...where we choose to prioritize our whole selves instead of just our physical bodies.
  • ...that is imperfect, holistic and honors every aspect of our being.


Oh hello holistic human. Can you put down your concepts of perfection and join me in the messy humanity. Let us dive deep, try hard and fail, grow, blossom, wilt, rebuild and always always find more love.