2018 Yang Earth Dog

Anoir Chafik

2018 brings in the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

February 16th marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year which also marks the changing of the seasons. We are shifting from the dormancy of Winter to the upbeat energy of Spring. 

First let's talk about the Yang. There is Yin and Yang which are opposite, interdependent, transform into one another. Yang is the balancer to Yin and vice versa. Yang is light, energy, movement, action. Yin is darkness, rest, stillness and flow. 

Next, Earth is one of five elements. Earth is as it sounds. Very much grounded, peaceful, still. Earth connects to the Spleen and Stomach. This means that the element is connected to digestion, our muscles, rumination and thought. When the earth element is balance we see people being thoughtful, attentive, connected and grounded. When the earth element is out of balance we see people worried, anxious, with poor digestion and brain fog. 

This year with the earth element being in force we are all prone to both the balancing aspects and the imbalances of earth. It will be extra important to exercise, eat well, avoid foods that can be damp in nature. The most prominent damp foods are things with sugar, dairy, greasy or alcohol. 

The year of the dog comes once every 12 years. The dog is sweet, loyal, kind who values routine and justice. The dog can also be obsessive, overprotective and anxious when they are out of their routine or feel that something is unjust.

Dogs want what they want, when they want it. Yet when they are loyal to someone they are willing to forgive them over and over again. Dogs love their packs and can thrive in community. However they can be prone to groupthink and losing themselves amidst certain ideals. This year one of the biggest themes we will see is division between packs or groups. Many people will be aligning with community with a similar mindset and who feels aligned in regards to how one person things. It is important if you are part of a community to keep coming back to why you joined. If the community is no longer aligned with your goals and values it is important to split off from the pack. This will feel harder in 2018 with the nature of the year pushing us towards groups.

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