Lust for Life - Holistic Sex Workshop for Women

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Lust for Life - Holistic Sex Workshop for Women


Spend the afternoon with Myisha Battle, Sex Coach at Sex for Life and Lauren Kaneko-Jones, Licensed Acupuncturist and holistic health expert.

Discover: your cycles of sexual desire and natural libido boosters

Learn How To: overcome sexual arousal concerns and discuss sexual desires (especially with a partner)

Harness your sexual desire for better health! At Lust for Life you will learn about:

  • Female cycles of sexual desire 
  • Natural ways of increasing libido 
  • How to overcome common sexual arousal concerns
  • How to talk more openly about your sexual desires with a partner

This workshop will be co-facilitated by licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Lauren Kaneko-Jones and certified sex coach,Myisha Battle.

In order to provide a comfortable space to share, this workshop is for female identified persons only.

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WHEN: Saturday December 10th from 2PM-4PM

WHERE: The workshop will be held virtually at Brianna's apartment.